Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Three


Jan was really looking forward to her first fashion shoots as Showrunner so when Vivienne called her midweek she was rather apprehensive, fearing that Vivienne had changed her mind.

She need not have worried however, Vivienne did want to make a change but she still wanted Jan to run the show.

“I was wondering if you could manage to do two short sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday? Would that be too much trouble?” she asked.

Jan assured her that of course it would be no trouble at all. She was delighted to get more dresses to work with and hopefully try on herself.

When she arrived at the warehouse bright and early on Saturday morning Jan found that Becky was already there hanging the dresses in the changing room.

“Vivienne thought it would be nice if you had all the South and Central American dresses this weekend.” she explained.

“She suggests you do three this morning, three this afternoon and the last four tomorrow.”

Jan looked through the dresses. “This is great.” she said “I can do one of today’s shoots with a red theme. I wanted to do that.”

The Magazines:

The Magazines:

The Showrunner:


The Crew:

Midge & Becky

The Models:

Jan had chosen her own models and as usual had invited a couple of her friends to come along. Her old school friends Kate and Angela. Becky introduced the third model Teresa as a Cruikshank’s staff member.

  • Kate-Model Muse body
  • Angela-TNT body
  • Teresa -bellybutton body

The Fashions:


Kate was the first to be ready as her dress was very easy to put on and a good fit. She said that she would be very happy to wear it for an evening out.


Angela came next in the Brazilian inspired dress. She wore the scarf around her waist but later Jan noticed that Becky was helping her to tie it on her head turban style. “According to Vivienne’s notes women often wear these colourful scarves on their heads.” Becky explained. ” Angela twirled around enjoying the full skirts. The dress was a good fit despite Angela’s fuller figure.

*Please excuse my poor turban tying skills.


Teresa was the last to appear. It was her first fashion shoot and she was a little nervous. However, she soon started to enjoy posing, even throwing in a few dance steps. The dress was a perfect fit of course.

Soon it was time to pose for the traditional group photos. Becky took the camera to allow Midge to be in the photo with her friends.

The Group Photo
Group Photo

Becky then suggested that Jan and Midge go and get some lunch while she supervised hanging up the clothes and welcomed the models for the afternoon session.

We’ll show you three more fashions very soon.



  1. These fashion shoots are always so much fun. It would be hard to choose a favourite among all these lovely dresses. Also, good to know that the dresses fit all three body types.

    Liked by 1 person

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