Fashion Doll Friday: Bandai Harumika Fashion Model c2010

Today’s Friday Girl is an odd one and I’m not really sure whether to call her a doll or a figure. She is basically a mannequin I think. They are sold as kits to design clothing for fashion dolls. Most of the ones I found online are just a torso but this one is an actual doll. I could not find an image that was free to share but she is called Lucia. There are quite a lot of these on eBay and I also saw some ads for them on Walmart although I’m unsure if you can still buy them.

Lucia has moulded on underwear and comes without any face paint. The slits on her body are to tuck in fabric which is sold with the doll kits although you could certainly use your own.

I think this is quite fun for kids who like to be creative. I suppose that you could also paint her face.



  1. What a great idea for making your own dolls clothes. The slots would help to get a better fit. I am not great at following patterns so I would definitely use this. My dad could paint a face on her, he’s great at painting models.

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