Fiona The Travel Doll

I often participate in writing and photography challenges on “Our Other Blog” and this morning I decided to do the Ragtag Daily Prompt which was to write or photograph something to do with toys. I knew I’d have plenty of ideas as we have lots of toys but then while reading a post by Bushboy I recalled the time that I was involved in Yahoo Groups and our group of doll collectors sent off a travel doll. I can’t remember who started it but we had a Barbie, she was the Hip 2 B Square brunette Barbie, and she visited the homes of the various group members for several months. Most of them were in the USA or Canada. I was the only one in Australia, I think.

Here is a link to the post I wrote about it.

The photos are not very good. They are scanned from the originals as I didn’t have a digital camera then. Nor was I very good at photo editing. The photo below is of my own Hip 2 B Square doll who was sent to me by one of the group members. Naturally her name is Fiona.

Barbie in Fashion Avenue reversible fashion.

This all happened twenty years ago, I was a new collector then. I used to buy a few dolls from the USA in those days and postage was rarely more than $10 in either direction so getting the doll sent to me and sending it back was not a major expense the way it would be today. I think that we all had a lot of fun with it and learned a little about each other’s home towns.

Have any readers every participated in a similar activity? I wish there was an inexpensive way to do it now. Perhaps it could be done with emailed images although it wouldn’t be quite the same.



  1. I hosted Traveling Ken way back when (again must be 20 years or more), and it was so much fun. It was also a bit daunting, taking a doll around city sights and photographing it public. It was waaayyy before anyone did that sort of thing. But when explaining what I was doing to strangers, mostly they found it fun too.

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  2. I haven’t taken part in something like this myself but I do take dolls on location to photograph. They have been dragracing and to airshows. I have also taken them on walks and photographed them near garden flowers and a wood when the bluebells were out. I also photographed them in lockdown in empty parks and car parks. You can feel a bit nervous but I try to ignore surroundings. Most people are very nice. My work colleagues are very supportive and wanted to see the photos.

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