Fashion Doll Friday: Remco Libby Littlechap 1963

Libby is our Friday Girl this week. She has a new dress. It’s not a perfect fit. Naomi brought home a bundle of Angelina Ballerina dresses and this is one of them. She has to wear a loose dress because of the wide hips these dolls have.

I think I am cursed with Littlechaps honestly. When I first tried to buy Dr John years ago, I got one from eBay but the seller contacted me and said that his leg was broken and offered me a refund which I took. As I told you, I broke Libby’s leg trying to get her into an outfit not long ago and would you believe when I took her out of her previous outfit, I broke her again! I’m almost scared to touch any of these dolls now. Once they get a permanent shelf spot, I’m leaving them there.

I think I like Libby best of the family because of her rather quizzical expression even though she always seems to be looking at something in the distance. Maybe she is.



  1. I really like my Littlechap family, but I do think they all look a little odd. Your Libby has a mischievous expression. Perhaps you could knit her a dress. (Another project to find time for. LOL).

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  2. Libby looks good in her new red dress. I have never seen any of the Little champs in the flesh but they look interesting to add to a collection.

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