Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Pioneer Barbie 1994

Our Friday Girl this week is from “The 180”. She is Pioneer Barbie and I found her in one of the crates almost intact, she even has her shoes. I think she should have a basket of produce. I don’t know a great deal about this doll. She came out just before I really started buying new Barbie’s. I believe the series was called “Early American Stories”. She has the older twist waist body. For now, she has gone back into the crate but I think that she will most likely become a display shelf doll when I have space for that.



  1. This one is on my wish-list. I got the dress.. All my gingers have had a go at wearing it so far, till I get the right one.I have a Pioneer ancestor so I love pioneer/camp themes. Hope you can get to display her soon. Great doll/great blog.

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