The 180: Disney Princesses

I’m sorry that I have a bit slow in posting photos of all these dolls. Having so many means that I’m not going to run out of material for posts anytime soon but it is also a little overwhelming to sort, tidy, photograph, identify and write about so many dolls. Through the winter I haven’t felt like doing a lot of doll photography because it’s quite hard to get good light to work with when it is dull and gloomy. However, it’s now spring so I will try to get on with it. This morning we’ve had some sun so I decided to photograph all of the Disney dolls that I hadn’t shown you yet. As we have some pretty spring bulbs coming up in pots on our deck, I also decided to use them for a backdrop. Enjoy.

Belle amongst the flowers


Here is a group of Cinderella dolls. The two on the left are made by Simba. I think that both are wearing their original dresses but have had their hair redone and some embellishments added by their previous owner. I believe that they are the standard Cinderella from 2007, at least that’s the one that looks similar to these two. Simba have made several versions of Cinderella.

The one on the right is marked Mattel/Disney and looks similar to one that I bought at a market some time ago. She has her original dress too. After looking at way too many Cinderella’s I think she is the 1999 version.


Here is Sparkling Princess Mulan from 2010 in her original outfit.


This one is Mattel’s Disney Sparkling Princess Belle from 2011.


Here are a couple of redheads and I think they are both Mattel/Disney Ariel. The first one doesn’t have her original outfit but I think what she is wearing is cute.

The second one does have her dress. This dress looks most like the one from the 2009 Sparkling Ariel. She doesn’t have the silver eyeshadow that doll has but it could have worn off I guess.

I am not all that familiar with Disney dolls so if anyone can give a better ID of any of these dolls please do and I’ll add it to the post later.

I have a stack of ballet dolls to do next, a few of them need their hair fixed. None of this group really needed any work. I’ll also try to get back to Round The World in the near future.



  1. The princesses are all in great condition. I did have a Cinderella and Snow White but let them go when I was trimming down. I do have two Belle dresses which I often dress the A A girls in. A!so in Spring I always photograph dolls in the yellow dresses with Daffodils in the background. There are lots of other flowers such as blossom in the spring to photograph also. Here in the UK we are just entering Autumn. Yesterday I photographed three dolls in front of a nearby apple tree. They were going apple picking lol.

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  2. I have recently been through my Disney dolls, I try to thin them most often as my daughter is in her thirties and well past missing them.I recognize one of your Cinderellas and one Ariel, though you have much nicer dresses. You have the closed mouth Mulan I’m looking for..I like your belles dress and face.It was fun seeing them all, and your flowers are beautiful… It is very hot here and most of my flwers are on the crispy side.I admire anyone who can have such lovely floers. Thank you for sharing them. Great dolls/great blog!

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    • I didn’t have much luck with bulbs last year but this year we both have had some nice ones. We did have to drag all the pots onto the deck though as the possums and pademelons kept eating them otherwise.


  3. Such colourful and cheery flowers – love them! And the Princess dolls are cute, too. I don’t collect the Disney Princess dolls, but have a few of the Ariel dolls as I love that intensely red hair.

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    • I don’t collect Princesses either and I’m not sure how or if we can display these but I did want to document them all and the flowers were a good match. I like Ariel’s red hair too. I’m just not a big fan of the anime style faces.


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