Hobart Doll Show 2022

The 2022 Hobart Doll Show is being held this coming weekend at the Rodman Bowls Club in Glenorchy and I am taking my first trip away from Sisters Beach in nearly three years to see it.

I will be heading to Hobart on Friday but have scheduled a Fashion Doll Friday post for that day already.

I am not sure of my plans yet. I may visit the show on both days or only one. I will be staying within walking distance but the weather forecast is for rain so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get wet!

I’ll be home Monday hopefully with some photos and stories to share.

Hobart Doll Show 2019


  1. Isn’t it exciting to have the doll shows back again?! Looking forward to hearing all about the Hobart show. Hope you have lots of fun, and find some treasures, too.

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    • It is. I think they ran it last year but I couldn’t go. I’m at the other end of the state now so instead of a day trip from home it is a weekend away to make the trip worth it.


  2. Sounds fun and exciting. I am just hoping for a swap meet or something this year. A virtual doll show is closest I got from Racheal Hoffman.Loving the bin dolls.(and fashions).I had wanted to ask if some of your dolls were beach themed? We are having a heatwave and some firesso added a fireman to my beach dolls and lifeguards.I am nearly ready to put a kiddy pool in the yard.Hope you get good weather for your show.

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    • some of the flat footed Barbie’s are beach dolls, none on display at present as I’m still sorting.
      The forecast for the weekend is not looking great, rain and cold nights but I’ll be indoors.


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