The Queen a Cat and an Update

A schoolgirlish princess Elizabeth..

First of all, I just want to update everyone on my personal news.

As you know I had plans to go to Hobart for the doll show this weekend. I was really looking forward to my first trip away from home since moving here nearly three years ago. However, it was not to be. Earlier this week my cat Polly developed what looked like a limp and quickly developed into an inability to walk on her back legs at all. The vets here are all understaffed and I wasn’t able to get her into our local vet until next week so started calling around to find one who could take her sooner. Yesterday I took her to the vet at Penguin, a nearby town where she ended up having to stay the night to have some tests done. Naturally that meant that I could not go on my trip. I hope to be bringing Polly home later today. Here is a recent photo of Polly.

Now to today’s other news. Like many other British people all over the world I’ve never known any monarch but Queen Elizabeth II. She had already been Queen for five years when I was born. Late last night I became aware that she was ill and the media were saying that her family were all going to Scotland to see her so I felt it was serious. I sat up until nearly 3:30am our time reading the live news feed before finally concluding I’d better get some sleep. I was fairly sure that I’d read of her death when I woke up and that’s what happened.

I know that not all our readers are British or even monarchists but I thought that in honour of our late Queen I’d share a post I wrote about the Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret paper dolls a few years ago. You can read it here.

Princess Margaret (left) and Princess Elizabeth in Coronation robes 1936.

Finally, my two “Princess” dolls, Princess Elizabeth, a celluloid doll by Palitoy and Little Princess (Anne) by Pedigree.



  1. I’m so sorry you are unable to go to the Hobart doll show. What a disappointment for you! And you must be so worried about your sweet Polly. I hope the vet gives you good news. When I saw your photo of Polly it made me think of what I so often say: Children and cats all look like angels when they’re asleep.
    Your Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth paper dolls are wonderful. The faces are so realistic and the outfits are charming. You’re fortunate to have this paper doll set.
    As for Queen Elizabeth’s death, I don’t think we will ever see a Monarch like her again. She devoted herself to her duties as a Queen and was beloved and respected by everyone. Her death is a sad loss for her family and the world.

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  2. It is really sad about our Queen. I always assumed she would reach over 100 like the Queen Mother. We have had a new Prime Minister and a new Sovereign in the space of a few days. I hope Polly will be OK, I am a cat lover myself. It’s a shame you can’t make the doll show but hopefully there will be others.

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    • I hoped she would make 100 too but she worked so hard and 96 was a good age. I kind of wanted to find out who sends the Queen a telegram when she turns 100.
      Polly is spending the weekend at the vets so hopefully we’ll have more news on Monday. She is comfortable and they are going to text me updates when they check on her.


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