The 180: Ballerinas

Here are another batch of dolls from the collection. This time they are all ballet themed dolls. I’ve only just started to try to ID them and it is not turning out to be as easy as I’d hoped. There have been so many ballet themed dolls.

I haven’t done anything to these dolls except clean the dust from storage off them. Some of them have had their hair restyled by their previous owner. Some are in what I think are their original outfits others are not.

Our first dancer has a twist waist and those bright pink molded on pants you used to see in the late 90s. Her dress is marked “made in China” so I don’t believe it is original.

Our next girl I would say is also from the 1990s. She has a twist waist and unusual legs that point outwards. She has the Mackie face sculpt. I’m not sure if this is her original outfit or part of it. The tutu and shrug might be but the bra seems a little raunchy for a ballerina. The flowers on her chest are not original to her.

After looking at a lot of pictures my best guess is that she might be Barbie as Marzipan from The Nutcracker 1999. What do others think?

These two Barbies look the same to me. They both have twist waist bodies, pink legs and blue eyes. One may be wearing her original outfit, the other had been redressed.

Our next dancer also has coloured legs and a matching lavender tutu which may be original to her. The flowers are an add on but that looks like her original hairstyle. She has the belly button body.

I thought this next doll would be easier to identify with her auburn hair but so far, I’ve not found a photo of her. Her moulded body, shoes and coloured legs mean she is from the 2000’s. I did find a photo of Ballerina Princess Barbie 2008 in a similar outfit but in pink (of course). I thought this one might be from the same series and eventually managed to find a photo.

This doll seems a little shorter than some of the others. She has the belly button body and pink legs. I think her hair and dress are original to her. I did find a picture of this doll and I think she is from 2007. There was a set of three ballet dolls wearing pink, purple and blue. Like some of the others she has had embellishments added.

So that is as far as I’ve got so far trying to identify these dolls. If anyone has any thoughts about the others, please let us know.



  1. It is not always easy to identify dolls, especially when their original outfit has been removed. Carol Spencer (Barbie’s designer) came up with the coloured legs to identify the ballerinas as mentioned in her book Dressing Barbie. Good luck with the rest of the 180!

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