Kid Kreations Flower Magic Sindy

As I mentioned in a previous post or two I pre-ordered Flower Magic Sindy some months ago. Superstar Dolls, a Sydney based doll store has started to import the new Kid Kreations Sindy dolls from the UK making it possible to buy one without spending as much again on postage.

Sindy actually arrived on Monday and I’d been very anxious to get her but all the worry about Polly meant that her arrival took a backseat and I didn’t go and get her till today.

By the way for those who don’t read our other blog Polly is home and is on medication. She’s looking better but not quite right yet so she is confined to a cat enclosure to rest. I wrote a post about it which you can read here.

I chose Flower Magic Sindy because I liked her red hair mostly. I still think that most of the new Sindy’s have rather too much hair but this is just a personal preference of mine. Anyway, let’s jump in and have a look at her shall we?

Flower Magic Sindy by Kid Kreations

Kid Kreations made these dolls as playline dolls rather than the collectible ones they produced originally. These are the second batch; the first ones were not available to buy in Australia. As you can see Sindy comes with plenty of accessories and her box is designed to become her flower shop. Here you can see that Sindy has some plants, a watering can and an apron. The little booklet has pictures of the other dolls inside and some activities to do like a quiz, a word search puzzle and some colouring. I was pleased to see that they had included advice on how to wash Sindy’s hair.

The booklet

After removing Sindy and her accessories I found the press out cardboard furniture. A shelf unit and some crates plus more flowers and some butterflies. I set to work to put them together and didn’t do a worse job than any six-year-old although I think I need better glue.

As it happened there were some fabric flowers from Annie’s stash on the dining room table so I added these for a bit of extra colour.

I had fun setting up the shop despite cursing the dodgy glue. I think this set offers good play value for children, especially if an adult takes the time to help them set it all up and encourages them to look after all the pieces so that they don’t get lost.

Sindy herself I think is a bit more basic than my other Kid Kreations Sindy as you’d expect given that they are much cheaper. She has articulated knees, ankles, elbows and wrists but I don’t believe that she has the same degree of movement. In a later post I’ll put the two girls together and compare them. I may also wash Sindy’s hair to see if I can settle it down a bit. I did comb it but it is very flyaway. It will be fun to see her in some other outfits so I’ll probably do that as well.



  1. It’s interesting to see Sindy with all that articulation. Her hair is beautiful and I love those cute shoes. I really like the flower shop with all its accessories. There is definitely lots of play value for children (and adults!).

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  2. I’m so glad she arrived! Mine is at home still in her box so it’s nice to see your photos and information. I’m in hospital but heading back to the hospice tomorrow and I’ve asked my husband to bring her. After reading your blog post, I think I’ll leave her shop in the box until I get home.

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  3. I am also glad to hear Polly is on the mend, I love cats too. Sindy looks great with her flower shop. I would have loved this as a child. Back then all the Sindy accessories were way beyond my budget, I was lucky if I could afford an outfit. The booklet shows the three new outfits. I imagine the fairy one would appeal to children but I prefer the barbecue fun outfit. Sindy had more realistic outfits when we were kids.

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    • I didn’t have many genuine Sindy outfits as a child. I had Summery Days, Leather Looker, the springtime blouse and Emergency Ward. Most of my other outfits were Faerie Glen or other generic brands or home made by mum. Those were pretty basic. That’s why when I started to collect, I decided to try to get all the outfits in my Sindy Set booklet. I have most of them now, all the ones pre 1966 anyway.
      I agree that those old outfits were more realistic to what teens and young women were wearing at the time. I’d probably pick the casual outfit too of the new ones.


  4. I had few Faerie Glen outfits too, they were cheaper than Sindy ones. My manager at work has two young daughters who have Barbies and I was delighted when she asked me to knit some clothes for them. I have also raided a few from my own stash. It is refreshing that they want to play with dolls rather than an iPad or phone! Showing my age now lol.

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