Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree “Canterbury” Patch circa 1971

Today’s Friday Girl is my new Canterbury Patch bought from a fellow Sindy collector on the Australian Sindy Facebook group. I was very lucky to get her as I don’t think I’ve seen one in Australia on eBay and the ones I see in the UK are usually very expensive or have shipping that costs as much as the doll, or both.

However, she nearly didn’t appear today because I lost her! Of course, she wasn’t really lost. I misplaced her in my room. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible. My room is very small, a mere 3x3metres. At present it is also very cluttered as apart from my furniture I have a stack of plastic crates and cardboard boxes full of fashion dolls to be sorted, tidied and photographed and now the enclosure I’m keeping Polly in as well. I can barely get into the room. It was while I was making space for the enclosure that I put the newly arrived Patch down somewhere and could not for the life of me think what I had done with her.

Luckily there were only a couple of places she could be and sure enough she was in the top cardboard box of the stack where I had put dolls to be photographed for “Round The World”.

Canterbury Patch has been on my wish list for a long time although I actually prefer the cheeky look of the earlier Patch dolls. The Canterbury Patch dolls were made from 1971 until Pedigree ceased to produce Patch dolls in 1973. I just wanted to have an example of this doll in my collection. I’ve included some links with more information at the end.

I’ve seen some pictures of these dolls with freckles and some without like mine. Some have very curly hair but this one does not. Her expression reminds me more of Ideal’s Pepper, a bit more serious. I think there is more of a resemblance to original Sindy, you might imagine this is how Sindy looked as a child.

Her outfit is not a genuine Patch outfit. I think I have a spare Patch outfit but at the moment I can’t get to my box of Sindy fashions without rearranging half the doll room. I found this in a box of Skipper and Stacey outfits and it fits Patch quite well so she can borrow it for now.




  1. Congratulations on finally getting Canterbury Patch, and thanks for the informative links. Patch looks charming in that bright outfit. I can certainly identify with the clutter situation, and I have searched frantically for something that was practically under my nose. The clutter will get organized – eventually! 🙂

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  2. She is a lovely doll and the outfit looks great on her. She looks to be in amazing condition too. I am still trying to find a Patch I can afford. I do have a Denys Fisher Jennie doll who is the same size as Patch and very cute. She is currently wearing Patch’s original dungarees and they fit her perfectly. I know what you mean about clutter, we can all relate to that. I recently had two weeks off work which we spent declutterng. Very therapeutic.

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