Fashion Doll Friday: Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie 1995

Today’s Friday Girl is one of the 180 and I believe that she is Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie. The hair looks right for that doll and she has the correct top. The Mermaid tail is wrong though. It obviously belongs to another mermaid Barbie. possibly Fountain Mermaid Barbie as it looks similar.

I haven’t as yet done anything to this girl’s hair. It was tied up to keep it tidy but it is a bit frizzy so I’d like to wash and condition it. I didn’t think it would get dry in time to photograph her today though so I just combed it a bit and washed her face.

I think there are some other mermaids in the crate so I’ll probably do a post on all of them together. I might even find the right tail for her.

I do prefer these earlier mermaid Barbies to the modern ones as once you redress her, she can be a normal Barbie. The ones with plastic fish tails can only be mermaids. I do have Jewel Hair Mermaid Midge myself; she was one of the dolls I bought in my first few years of collecting. However, I don’t like such long hair on dolls as it seems unrealistic to me so I cut it off and used her to practice perms on. I won’t be cutting this one’s hair but it does mean she’ll only make rare appearances in photos.

By the way the cool mosaic bench is at Boat Harbour a nearby township. I used a bit of creative editing to put Barbie on it.



  1. I’m not a fan of mermaid dolls or ultra-long hair, but this Barbie has such a cute face. Maybe you could braid the hair to make it more manageable. The mosaic bench is awesome!

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  2. I have to add that I looked at your post on your Jewel Hair Mermaid Midge doll. She has a beautiful face and you did a wonderful job on her hair. It’s inspiring to see how nice a boil perm can turn out.

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  3. I love the mermaid dolls, one of my favorite dolls for my daughter was ariel.I wish I had purchased these dolls, and they are still on my wish-list. I have a few of the tails already.I love long hair dolls if they are princesses or mermaids. I also don’t mind extra long hair on Teresa or Ethnic dolls asw I see quite a lot of Hispanic gals with really long I love braiding doll hair, etc. These dolls have pretty faces.Great blog.Look forward to seeing more mermaids.

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  4. She is a beautiful doll and good that she can be a normal Barbie as well as a mermaid. I have got Totally Hair Barbie and Cut and Style Barbie who both have very long hair. I did a photo shoot in lockdown about not being able to get a haircut with Totally Hair Barbie and Hasbro Paul doll with long hair .

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