Fashion Doll Friday: Sparkle Eyes AA Barbie 1991

I am a little later than usual posting today because I’ve been a bit preoccupied watching the news. We’ve had some extremely wet weather this week, yesterday especially and there has been flooding in several parts of northern Tasmania and in Victoria. Don’t worry, it’s fine where I am but nearby towns, have been impacted so naturally I have been following the developments.

Anyway, our Friday Girl today is one of The 180. She is an African American doll with twist waist and bent arms marked made in Malaysia. It is very hard to ID these dolls because they have had several owners and may have been repainted and restyled over the years. I did a bit of online searching and the one I think she most resembles is Sparkle Eyes AA Barbie. She has the jewel like eyes, the same earrings and the makeup looks about right.

I found a photo of a boxed one on Worthpoint and a better one on Flickr which you can see here. See what you think. I need to give her a light clean and wash her hair but won’t do anything else to her. Her top is marked “Made in China” probably a generic brand and her skirt looks to be home made. I think the outfit suits her and she has some matching pink shoes.



  1. I’m no expert, but I agree with your ID on this doll. Those glittery eyes are so appealing. Love those silver butterflies on her top, but the whole outfit is perfect for her.

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