Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Four

I’m sorry for the delay in posting the next installments of Around The World. I haven’t been doing a lot of doll photography lately. There are just so many dolls now that it’s hard to know where to start. The new dolls are stacked in boxes in my bedroom which I’m currently sharing with Polly and her isolation tent. My room is tiny. It makes for a lot of moving things every time I want to get dolls out. Polly is a lot better but I don’t want to take the cage away until we see the vet again next month.


When Jan and Midge returned from lunch, they found that the new models had arrived. Becky introduced them to Julia Cruikshank.

“Julia asked if she could take part in the shoot today, Jan. I hope you don’t mind.” she said apologetically.

Jan had planned to have Teresa and Kate stay on but she didn’t want to make a fuss so she smiled and said; “Of course I don’t mind. “

She was a little bit annoyed to see that Julia had already chosen a dress for herself so she turned her attention to deciding which dresses the other two girls would wear. Kate offered to sit the session out so the remaining two models were Teresa and Alison.

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

  • Julia – Model Muse body
  • Teresa – Bellybutton body
  • Alison – TNT body

The Fashions:


Julia had chosen the blue and gold Venezuela dress which fitted her very well. “It’s elegant and I look good in gold.” she said when asked why she chose that particular dress.


Teresa was happy to wear the pink gown although she found it a little loose around the bust. “I need padding.” she laughed.


Alison was the last to be photographed in the brightly coloured dress. It was an excellent fit on her. There should be a pink net hair tie but that was not with the dress. Luckily Alison had her own hair ornament.

As usual the models all posed for group photos at the end of the shoot. Becky didn’t want to be in the photo but offered to take one with Jan and Midge in it.

I have already photographed the outfits for Part Five so that will be up tomorrow. Then we give Jan a rest and move on to another Showrunner. I didn’t realise until I finished uploading the photos for this post that all the models had the Teresa face sculpt. That was totally unintentional.



  1. Glad to hear that Polly is improving. I can identify with having to constantly move things to get what I want.
    These fashion stories are delightful, and they are more realistic when there is a little bit of tension in the group as well as humour. The Around the World magazines are wonderful, and all the gowns are charming. I like bright colours so Alison’s Peruvian dress is my favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

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