Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Five


The following day Becky, Jan and Midge returned to the warehouse to photograph the last four dresses. Jan had invited Kate to come back to make up for the previous day’s mix up. There were also two new models waiting.

“Oh dear.” said Jan. “I forgot we had four dresses today. Someone will have to model two dresses.”

“Or you could wear one of them.” Becky suggested with a smile. “I really did forget.” Jan assured her “but of course I would love to wear one of the dresses.”

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

  • Gina-TNT body
  • Kate – Model Muse body
  • Christie – TNT body
  • Julia – Model Muse body

Becky and Jan started to help the girls to get ready as all the dresses had either head scarves or ornaments to be pinned in their hair. Jan was busy trying to pile up Kate’s long hair and neither she nor Becky noticed Julia enter the room.

“Helloooo ladies.” she greeted them. “I had such fun yesterday I thought I’d come back and join in again today. “I hope you don’t mind.”

Becky was annoyed that Julia had barged in with no regard for the plans that had been made. “I’m sorry Julia, there aren’t enough dresses for you to model one today.” she told her.

Julia was not to be deterred though. “Oh, but there is a dress here.” she said, picking up the dress that Jan had intended to wear. “There are only three models here so I can wear this one. It’s lucky I came by or you would have been one short.” she added.

Becky was about to say something else but Jan shook her head. “It’s fine, let her wear it.” she said quietly.

Becky nodded and continued helping Christie to dress.

The Fashions:


Gina was the first model to be photographed. It was her first time and she was determined to enjoy it despite the rather tense atmosphere. The dress is made of broderie anglaise withe ribbon and lace trim. It fitted Gina fairly well although it was a little loose at the waist. Gina was unable to figure out how to tie the flower headband on and as she didn’t want to ask Jan or Becky for help, she tied it around her neck instead.


It was the first time modelling for Christie too. She had quite a time trying to keep her hat on as well as the flowers that Becky had pinned in her thick hair. After she had taken a few photos, Midge suggested that she remove her hat and hold it instead. This dress is another one made of broderie anglaise fabric with a matching petticoat. The quality of these dresses is really nice.


Then it was Julia’s turn. She struggled a bit with the head scarf but Jan came to help her with it. The dress is made of a cool, cotton fabric and fitted Julia fairly well although she did say it was a little bit loose.


Kate was the last one to be photographed as it had taken Jan some time to get her hair the way she wanted it. The dress was a good fit although like the other dresses a bit loose on the Model Muse body.

Then it was time for the group photos. Becky was still feeling annoyed with Julia and declined to be photographed.

After Julia and the others had left Midge started packing up her equipment and Jan went to help Becky with the dresses. “Before we pack them up why don’t we try them on ourselves.” Becky suggested. Jan, of course, jumped at the idea. Midge was persuaded to join in as well. Kate, who was waiting for her friends took out her phone to snap a photo.

While I was going through the magazines to take some photos of the pages, I found an advertising flyer for the series. Whenever I find this sort of advertising, I always wish I could jump into a TARDIS and go back in time to buy the products.

I had to upload this photo three times as it would not appear on the page. Then I changed the name of the file. I’d named it “advertising”. After I changed it, I was able to upload with no problem. Obviously, WP has some kind of filter to stop anything using that word from working.

So now we’ve come to the end of the Central and South American fashions. Next time it will be a new continent. I’ll try to do a couple more of these soon.



  1. The magazines are really a treasure. I’m green with envy. 🙂 Another great story about the fashion shoot. Julia sounds like the gal we love to hate. The Mexican dress is awesome and it’s so nice to see that the organizers of the fashion shoot got to model some of the clothes, too. I think we would all like to go back in time and buy some of those wonderful Barbie dolls and items we missed the first time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d be off to 1964 in a hearbeat. Yes Julia is a bit entitled at times.
      I’m trying to use a mix of my own dolls that I don’t use so often, the familiar faces and dolls from the 180. I like to try and feature a variety of body types too so people can see what fits. Basics dolls look really nice in Fashion Avenue except that they can’t wear the shoes.


  2. Another great show. Julia seems to be pushing her way in . Is she Becky ‘s cousin as her name is also Cruikshank? Midge, Jan and Becky look just as good as the models in all the lovely dresses. Already looking forward to the next show. We all love reading them, they are great fun and very well photographed.


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