Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Six


Another Saturday afternoon and Vivienne and Becky were at the warehouse getting ready for a fashion shoot. Vivienne had already selected the dresses she wanted and they were just waiting for the models to arrive. Midge was as usual, on hand to do the photography

. “I think that I’m going to continue to photograph the fashions by geographical location. It’s as good a way as any to keep track of what we’ve done.” Vivienne commented.

“And very educational too.” added Becky smiling. “Let’s see now, who do we have coming today?” she consulted her clipboard. “All employees today and all first-time models from our Parramatta store.

“Good.” I like to make sure that the staff from the other stores get a turn if they want to try modelling. I decided to include Turkey today, even though it’s partly in Asia, because it has a common border with Bulgaria and Jordan because it really doesn’t fit in anywhere else.

“To be honest with you I suspect a couple of these girls will have no idea where these countries are located anyway.” replied Becky. They just want to wear some designer fashions.

“Oh, by the way,” Vivienne added. “Would you mind wearing the Greek dress. I have had a look at it and I don’t think it will fit anybody else.”

“No, that’s fine.” agreed Becky.

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

  • Babs – TNT body
  • Tina – Bellybutton body
  • Emma – Tall Fashionista body
  • Miley -Fashionista body
  • Becky – Model Muse body

The Fashions:


Miley, the youngest of the models was very excited. She dressed quickly in the outfit she had chosen. She found the dress a little loose but otherwise a good fit.


Tina was the next to be ready. Her dress was quite a good fit and very well made. While she waited for her turn in front of the camera, she read the notes that Vivienne had thoughtfully provided about each country. “Dracula was a real person?” she asked amazed. “Who knew?”


Babs took longer to get ready as she had decided to put her hair up. She struggled a bit to put the dress on as it was snug over her hips. “I was going to wear that Romanian dress.” Babs explained to Vivienne. “But I just couldn’t get it on at all.”


Emma was next. She had put her hair up too although the messy bun look was not really working well. The dress was a good fit although a little short on Emma. She loved the gold dress and the embroidered coat.


After Becky had finished helping the other girls to get ready, she changed into the Greek dress. It was a very classical style and suited Becky very well although she did have some trouble with the shoulder straps slipping off.

“Alright ladies. Gather round for the group photos.” Vivienne instructed. After they had been taken Vivienne called Miley and Emma aside. “Would you two girls mind swapping dresses. I just want to see how that would look.” she asked them.

“We’d love to Miss Cruikshank.” Miley replied for both of them.
Vivienne thanked them adding, “You can just call me Vivienne when we do these photo shoots. It gets too confusing otherwise when Becky and I are both here. Oh, and Emma, you can take your hair down now.” Midge, you don’t mind taking a few more photos, do you?”

Midge replied that it was fine with her and the two girls hurried away to change.

“Emma is so tall, that dress didn’t look right on her especially with her hair up like that.” Vivienne explained. “I do want her to have some nice photos from the shoot. Let’s see anyway.”

Midge nodded her agreement. “I wasn’t really happy with Emma’s pictures either. I think these will be better.”

I think they were too.



  1. Another fun fashion shoot! The magazines make wonderful backdrops as always. My favourite outfits are the Jordanian and Turkish ones – and they do show better after the models are switched. So nice to see the well-made clothes Mattel used to create.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Another great photo shoot. Emma and Miley definitely looked better when they swapped dresses. Becky looks amazing in the Greek outfit. No sign of Julia this time! Maybe Becky had a quiet word.

    Liked by 1 person

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