Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Glitter Princess 2007/2009

Our Friday Girl today is Glitter Princess Barbie from 2007.This is one of a group of dolls in gowns amongst the 180. Some are princesses I believe, some are not.

Glitter Princess Barbie was released originally in 2007. She came both separately and in a pack with a Glitter Princess Kelly. There was also a blue version of the doll. In 2009 Mattel issued a Princess doll wearing the same dress but with the Generation Girl face sculpt.

I haven’t fixed her hair yet, it needs combing out, today is a very windy day so I’m afraid our princess is a bit messy.

WordPress is being annoying again today and messing with font sizes. I’ve had this problem once or twice before where the default font seems much too small so as most of us have trouble reading tiny writing, I’ve enlarged it. Hopefully it is not coming out too large on all your devices.



    • They did this once before. Changed the default size of the text so I compensated by changing to a larger font but after a while things went back to normal. Now the glitch seems to be back.


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