180 new dolls: Send In The Clones

Today I’d like to share some pictures of a few of the clone dolls amongst The 180. A couple of them you have seen already as Friday Girls so I’m just including them as a bonus.

Top left doll was featured recently and I really can’t tell you any more about her. She’s marked “Made in China”. and that’s pretty much all I know.

Centre left is another mystery doll that has been featured in the past. She is on a Barbie body but we don’t know anything about the head.

Top right is a doll who looks a lot like Barbie but is marked “Made in China”. She is really quite pretty but more lightweight than even Fashionista Barbie’s. I don’t know if this is her original dress but it is tagged “Shirly” and “KD Toys” I did try doing a search around these names but didn’t come up with anything relevant to this doll.

The doll on the bottom left has no markings whatsoever. She is made of plastic so lightweight I was worried that she would blow away while I was taking her photograph. I don’t know if this is her original dress. It might be. The sash and the ribbon in her hair match so I believe that was added by her previous owner.

Finally, the doll on the bottom right. We have a Frankendolly! When I first picked her up I quickly noticed the Lucky Industries mark on her back. I have shown a few of these dolls before. I rather like them. However, I thought that her head might be broken because she appeared to have no neck to speak of. People often push the heads right down when the neck knob breaks. I wanted to see whether it was broken or not so I started to remove her head and that is when I discovered the Mattel marking on the back of her head. Lucky Industries dolls have a different neck knob and pushing a Barbie head down onto it made her face look fatter. I put her head back on but didn’t push it down so far so she has a bit more of an neck now. The dress is not tagged either.

I do need to wash and condition this hair but I know that once I take this updo down I will never be able to recreate it. I’m just not good at doll hair styling I’m afraid.

There are still plenty of dolls to show you and I’ll try to photograph another batch soon. I am pretty sure there are more clone dolls in the crate. My plan is to try and do the fairies, mermaids, princesses and dolls in ballgowns first so that they can be stored first. They are the ones I am least likely to play with although I really do like some of the gowns and may borrow a few of them for Vivienne, Jan and friends to try on.



  1. These girls could all be mistaken for Barbie to the untrained eye. You often find clones which are prettier than the named brand. I have quite a few in my collection too. Sometimes it is impossible to identify them though exciting to try. Looking forward to the next ones.

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  2. I Just found your blog and these were my first impressions.

    1. I see very few dolls of color and your blog looks very whitewashed and isn’t diverse.
    2. All of your dolls look very rough and it looks like you do not take care of your dolls.


    • Fair comment Jason. A lot of my dolls came from Op Shops and were in played with condition when I got them. The ones I have been posting about recently were photographed before I’d done anything to them. I do like to play with my dolls so it is true that they probably look a bit rough compared to those that are on display only
      I do have Asian and African American dolls and feature these from time to time.
      I realise that it may look like there is a lack of diversity but I didn’t start this blog to be politically correct I just like to have fun with my dolls.


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