Island of the Dolls

When I went to check the news headlines this morning I was greeted by this story about the Island of Dolls in Mexico. My first reaction on reading it was “Oh no! Not another creepy doll story.” you know that I get very annoyed by people who find dolls creepy and believe they have powers of evil. This is such a story but there is a bit more too it. Here is a link, I am sure many of you may have heard of the place or even been there.
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When I had finished reading this story it occurred to me that the writer had actually misrepresented the facts. A child died on the island and it is the voice of a young girl that is said that is said to be heard there. I have an open mind about spirits and don’t deny that is a possibility. It is obviously a tragic story and I’m sure that many people would get a bad vibe from being in that locality regardless of whether there were dolls there or not

Yet now it is the dolls who are believed to be creepy and people go there to see them because of the whole creepy doll fantasy that has grown up over the years. The writer seems to me to suggest that it is the dolls even though they know why they were brought there. For the opposite reason.

The gentleman who tried to save the girl brought the dolls there to try to scare away what he believed was an evil spirit. He got them from dumpsters etc. Of course they were broken and they remained in the outdoors. Of course they were dirty and faded.

I just felt sorry to see all those dirty and neglected dolls and as always it makes me cross that people are scared of them for no reason. I’m sure the island itself might be a bit creepy to some people. Nobody lives there and if you come from a crowded city all that solitude might be a bit overwhelming.

I think that it is rather sad that something that was created largely by one man who witnessed the death of a child and just wanted peace for her spirit has become basically a tourist attraction.



  1. Now I’m almost afraid to read the story. I rescue all types of dolls and it saddens me that they might have a similar fate someday when I’m gone.I try top tag my dolls so they can be donated if need be.I would be so tempted to fairy dust the dolls in your story and add a note that the fairies are protecting them.Now I’m ready to read the story even though Mexico is very close to where my grandkids live and that creeps me out as far as some of the neighborhoods close to the boarder.

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    • I guess that this sad collection of dolls started because of the deep impression the tragedy must have made on the man and obviously there are some beliefs or superstitions that I don’t understand involved but I just never like to see neglected dolls and I never like hearing them referred to as creepy when they are just unloved.


  2. I couldn’t read the whole story; it just makes me too cross. I can see erecting a crucifix in memory of the drowned girl, but the idea that there are evil spirits on the island and the dolls will scare them away seems to negate the Christian belief.
    I think it’s horrible that this has become a tourist attraction. And I agree with you that it’s sad to see all these neglected and broken dolls. Wouldn’t it have been a better memorial to the drowned girl if he had collected the dolls, restored them and given them to a living child?

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    • It would have and I don’t totally understand the motivation for doing what he did. I really don’t like that the place has become a tourist attraction for all the wrong reasons.


  3. I love the photo above in the window. I have several windows a neighbor renovating gave me that match mine I coud use like that.I desperately need to shift things in my doll room to let me rotate my displays. Double hung painted windowa would be a fresh approach. Great blog,btw.Happy Halloween!

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