Two Rocker Barbies

Today I would like to show you two Rocker Barbies from the 180. Their eye make up is slightly different, both are marked “Philippines”. As you can see their hair is very different.

I had been considering whether I should try to curl the hair on the one in blue. However, after looking at a lot of photos of that edition of Rocker Barbie I don’t think she was ever meant to have super curly hair so I don’t think I will.

The other one, the one with really curly hair I have a different problem. A previous owner covered her in glitter. Her legs I think are meant to look like she has glitter stockings but she also has glitter on her body, face and even her hair. I don’t know if that was intentional or not. Glitter is messy stuff to work with.

My question to all of you is do you think I should try and get all of it off her or leave the legs and just do the rest of her? I’m not quite sure what I’d use yet. My usual method is to start with dishwashing liquid and move on to stronger methods if that fails. I also don’t want Barbie’s hair to come out of curl because I’m sure I’d never manage to recreate it.

So, before I start I’m interested in your opinions. Whatever I end up doing I will share it here of course.



  1. First, I have to say that I love that bright pink knitted dress.
    As for the glitter, I’m no expert, but I would be tempted to try some nail polish remover on part of her body where it won’t show. And follow that up with a good wash to get all the remover off. I would probably leave the glitter on the legs. It just looks like stockings and suits the rock style of the doll. Looking forward to reading other people’s recommendations.

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  2. You’re right. Glitter is difficult to remove. When trying to remove glittery nail polish, the remover always leaves the glitter behind. I agree with Elizabeth and maybe leave the legs but try and remove it from the rest of her body. Good luck!


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