Fashion Doll Friday: Princess & The Pauper Erika

Stop The Presses! After I had published this post. I went on to try and research something else and found an illustrated picture of this dress. I looked up Princess & The Pauper and there she was!

Today’s Friday Girl is a bit of a mystery to me. I have to admit that my brain isn’t functioning too well at present. Naomi and I have both got Covid and while we’re not very sick all the coughing is tiring. I had hoped to do a bit of doll stuff this week but I don’t really want to handle them too much right now. I don’t have the concentration to do a search for this face. I will try again later but, in the meantime, let me tell you what I know about her.

She is one of The 180 of course. She has the belly button body with Hobbit legs which makes her 2006 or later. I think that the braid in her hair is the original factory style. My search kept throwing up brown eyed dolls but hers are blue as you can see. She has the bendable rubber legs as the Fashion Fever dolls did, No articulation at elbows or wrists. The flower pattern which I’m sure you are familiar with by now was added by her previous owner. I’m really not a fan of these embellishments but it looks nice with this dress.

I don’t know if the dress is her original one, it looks like a Disney Princess dress to me. She is wearing it with purple sandals which are definitely not original to the outfit.

I can now say with reasonable certainty that she is “Princess & The Pauper” Erika c2004 in her original dress. I am a bit surprised about the year. That was when the movie was mad. I still didn’t think Hobbit bodies were around before 2006 but if they were making this doll for a few years maybe they changed bodies.



  1. Sending good vibes and healing thoughts to you and Naomi. Hope you’re both feeling better soon.
    Great that you were able to identify your doll. I especially like the photo of Erika beside the toadstool houses.

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    • I’m always happy when I can ID a doll and many of the modern ones are mysteries to me because I don’t get to the shops much and don’t follow the advertising or know any small children who always know that kind of thing.


  2. I am sorry to hear you both have Covid. I had it last year and lost my taste for quite a while. Eating was very boring so good for the diet. My son had it at the same time and he had the bad cough. My husband and my other son did not catch it from us. Lovely doll, she resembles my Christie doll who has darker skin and the brown eyes you mentioned when searching. I hope you both feel better soon

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