The 180: Fun with Fairies

There are several fairy dolls amongst The 180. Some of them I’ve shown in previous posts but today I’d like to show them all. I have done some online searches to try and ID them but I may not be spot on as I never collected fairy dolls myself. A few of them retain their original outfits, most had molded tops anyway. I’ve tried to find something appropriate for the rest of them. Several of them have embellishments added by their previous owner which I will leave on.

If you are familiar with “Planet of the Dolls” on Blogspot she has some lovely photos of some of these dolls in their original outfits. I have left links at the end of this post.


Fairytopia Aqua Glitter Fairy Joybelle 2004. I’ve featured this doll on Fashion Doll Friday earlier this year. I don’t have her original outfit but you can see an image of it in that post.

Fairytopia Dandelion 2005. Dandelion has appeared in the Round the World Series but I don’t think I’ve featured her elsewhere. I’ve been trying to save the fairies to show together. Her original outfit was a bright yellow dress and matching shoes. As she came to me with a rather elaborate hairdo which I didn’t want to spoil I decided to dress her in modern style for now. If I find a suitable fairy outfit, she can have it. I do like Dandelion’s face. She has a really different look, I think.

Fairytopia Mermaidia Elina 2005. I must say I was puzzled by this girl but eventually worked out that she was meant to turn from a fairy into a mermaid. Her body has molded on clothing and embellishments. She doesn’t have her wings. They were enormous pink patterned ones that attached to her back on some kind of a rod. You can see a picture of a boxed one here.

Fairytopia Elina Magic of the Rainbow 2008. I was intrigued by the attachments on this doll. I figured that one was for her wings but didn’t understand what the rest of it was about until I found out that she came with a DVD game called “Rainbow Adventure” and could be used as a remote control for the DVD player after she had been programmed. I have left a link to the instructions for this at the end. It looks very complicated and I would not want to be the parent or grandparent trying to set this up for an impatient child. I don’t think that this Elina was meant to be a mermaid but I had a mermaid tail and didn’t want to put it on the other Elina and cover her embossed legs.

Fairytopia Pink Sparkle Fairy 2003. This girl is very pink. She has pink glittery hair, a pink glittery top and her skin is glittery with a pinkish tint. She has had her nails done by her previous owner. I decided not to take the paint off. Her wings are gone but it looks like they were also pink with a sort of butterfly motif. She also had a short pink petal like skirt and it looks as if she had pink shoes too. You can see a photo of her here or here.

While I was editing these photos, I found a picture of another fairy who I think is also a Sparkle Fairy although her hair is a different texture. I have her in a different box so I haven’t compared the two side by side yet. However, it appears there were two versions of this doll in 2000 and 2003 so I probably have one of each. There is also a blue version of this doll with blue hair and blue lipstick. I haven’t found her amongst The 180 so far.

Fairytopia Lavender Sparkle Fairy 2003. Lavender girl looks a bit odd to me with her lavender tinted glittery skin. Her hair is a two-tone lavender and blonde which also looks rather unusual but I quite like it. She has the same type of glitter top as Pink. Lavender’s body has some odd yellow staining on it. I don’t think I can get rid of it without damaging her top or her factory skin tone. I don’t know if it is nicotine. She doesn’t smell. She also had the usual flower embellishments. Luckily with fairies these look fine. You can see a photo of a boxed doll here.

Fairy Fun Barbie 2004

I was lucky that this girl still had her wings and original outfit. She was featured as a Friday Girl quite recently. She does have a pretty face doesn’t she?

Barbie Fantasy Fairy 2008

I was lucky to find a picture of this doll NRFB so I know that she is wearing her original outfit. She had yellow plastic wings and came with a pink hairbrush. I can’t tell from the photo if she had shoes or not.

Flying Butterfly Barbie 2000

I only realised this doll was a fairy when I took her dress off and found where the wings should have been. I didn’t think I would be able to ID her at first as she did not show up in the searches I was doing. Eventually I found the right key words and much my surprise she popped up. I think this is quite a pretty doll and without wings she could be played with as a regular Barbie. You can see a photo of her here. The interesting thing about this doll is that instead of having the usual twist waist or belly button body she has a 1966 body with no articulation at the waist.

So, there they are, as far as I can recall this is all the fairies in the collection, apart from Glinda from Wizard of Oz of course. No doubt having said that I’ll find a couple more. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing them. Most of these dolls will probably be re-homed at some point, hopefully with collectors.




  1. There are some pretty dolls here. My favourite is Dandelion. She looks great in the modern outfit. I don’t collect fairies or mermaids either, they have limited play value with their moulded on clothing and coloured legs. I also prefer dolls with proper coloured hair, although Dandelion’s is a nice colour and I do have Space Fantasy Sindy. There’s always an exception to the rule lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those are my thoughts exactly. Dolls with moulded on clothing do have limited play value, especially if they have large cumbersome appendages like wings. I’m not a fan of coloured skin or hair either but as you say sometimes there will be an exception.


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