Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Seven


*This is rather a long post because I originally planned to do it in two parts but found that I didn’t have enough dresses for the second part so I combined the posts.

Myrtle hurried in to the warehouse early on Saturday morning and was surprised to find Vivienne there as she had been expecting to see Becky.

“Becky and her boyfriend wanted to go away for the weekend.” Vivienne explained “So I am looking after the clothes today.”

Myrtle, who is rather shy, was a little taken aback at the idea of Vivienne watching her work with the models but Vivienne reassured her that it was still her photo shoot and that she had no intention of interfering. “I am just here to open and close the warehouse and look after the dresses.” she explained. “Either Becky or I must always be here.”

“I’ve given you dresses from European designers. There are several, that’s why I asked if you could be here all day. Oh, and if you want to wear one yourself go right ahead. Jan often does.”

“I might do that. ” Myrtle replied. “I hope you don’t mind that I brought my sister Serena along to model today?”
“Of course not.” Vivienne replied. “You can bring anyone you want. Midge is already setting up so feel free to talk to her about any props that you want to use. I know that you two know each other.”

Myrtle nodded. “We were at the same school.”

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

Apart from her sister Serena Myrtle had the choice of several models from the pool of Cruickshanks’ staff and Cruikshank Foundation volunteers. For the first session she decided to use Lea and Dandy who had both taken part in previous photoshoots.

  • Myrtle – TNT body
  • Serena – TNT body
  • Lea – Bellybutton body
  • Dandy – Bellybutton Fairytopia
  • Callie – TNT body
  • Gina – TNT body-articulated arms
  • Rhianna – Bellybutton body

The Fashions:


Myrtle only recently became a professional model and she didn’t want to show off in front of the other girls who were amateurs. She discovered that the French designed dress was streetwear rather than a gown so she decided to wear it herself and be photographed first so that she could concentrate on being Showrunner for the rest of the shoot. She liked the dress although it was a little tight across her back but the jacket was looser and covered any problem areas. Vivienne had brought shoes for anyone who wanted them so Myrtle chose a pair to team with her outfit. She was very embarrassed that she forgot to pick up the handbag though.


Serena, Myrtle’s older sister, had been quietly getting ready. Myrtle thought that the blue dress from The Netherlands would look good on her. Blue is Serena’s favourite colour so she was happy with the choice. The dress was a good fit, snug at the hips and sweeping into a mermaid tail at the bottom.


Dandy was given the yellow dress from Belgium to wear. The colour went well with her red hair and Myrtle allowed her to wear her own brightly patterned stockings for a modern twist. The dress fitted reasonably well but Dandy called to Midge. “Please don’t take too long. I feel like I’m going to pop out of the top of this dress any minute.” Fortunately her session was completed without any wardrobe malfunctions.


Lea was the last of the group to appear. She wore the elegant Spanish dress. Lea’s dress was a snug fit with a wide flounce at the bottom and it fit her quite well.

Finally, it was time for the group photos. Myrtle breathed a sigh of relief that the first session had gone without mishaps. She felt more confident about the afternoon session even though she would have new models whom she didn’t know.

Thanks to the early start and the efficiency of Vivienne and the models the first four dresses were photographed by early afternoon. Lea and Dandy left, as their part in the shoot was finished and the others had a quick bite to eat before the models for the afternoon session arrived.

After lunch Vivienne and Myrtle went through the dresses that they would be photographing that afternoon. “We have a Mystery Dress, although it’s not really a mystery.” Vivienne explained. “We know it was designed by a Russian designer even though we don’t have much documentation. The other dresses are from Polish and German designers.” she added. “Just three dresses to do now.”

“I’m so glad that everything has gone so well.” Myrtle told her. “I was really quite nervous about doing this.”

Just then Gina came up to them. “I’m sorry to interrupt.” she said “But is my dress supposed to be the same as the one that Callie is wearing?”

“No, of course not.” said Vivienne. “I gave you the Germany dress. It’s here in my notes.” She showed Gina her clipboard.

“Well, that is not what I have.” replied Gina. “Come and see.”

Myrtle and Vivienne hurried to the changing room. Each model had been given a dress bag containing her outfit. Callie was changing into the Russian dress. Gina took her dress from the bag to show them. It was identical to Callie’s.

Vivienne examined the label on the dress bag. It was marked “Germany”. “Well, I don’t know what has happened here. I’ll have to look into it but it appears we have two Russia dresses. What do you want to do Myrtle?”

“I’m having a lot of trouble doing this dress up.” said Callie. “I don’t think it is going to fit.”

Myrtle felt that her afternoon was rapidly going downhill and took a deep breath.

“Wear your coat over the dress for the photos Callie. Gina can wear the other one and then we will have two lots of photos to work with.”

Vivienne nodded. “Just what I would have said.” she told Myrtle. ” Come here Callie. I’ll help you with the dress.


*It turns out that I had the magazine but not the dress so here are some pictures of it from the magazine.


While the others were dealing with the Russian dress drama Rhianna got into her outfit. She called Myrtle over. “I have a bare midriff with this jacket. Is that OK?” she asked.

Myrtle took a look at the way she was wearing it. “I think that it is meant to be tucked in.” she decided. “Try it that way.”


Gina and Callie came out together wearing the two identical Russian outfits. Vivienne provided them with some shoes to match. Gina said that the dress fit her very well but Callie still found hers too tight across the back.

Finally, all the photos were done except for the second group shot. Midge quickly set up for it, declining to be photographed herself. “I’m always here.” she told Vivienne. “I don’t need a picture of me every time.”

By coincidence the Russian outfit was the only one of these fashions I ever owned myself. David bought it for me when the series’ first came out. I think mine is still packed somewhere but I am not sure if I have the magazine. I didn’t collect the rest of the series myself because I always had trouble collecting part series. The first two or three would be a special price but then they would go up and part way into the series the newsagent would stop getting them in and I’d be left with an incomplete collection. So I just didn’t bother. Now I’ll probably have to find the rest of the missing parts if I keep these.



  1. Another fun story about the fashion shoot. It sounds just like real life; lots of little glitches. These Around the World magazines and outfits are a real treasure. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great photo shoot story, Myrtle saved the day. I have the velvety Russian coat but not the dress. Thank you for identifying it. I love these stories, keep them coming. We all look forward to Vivienne, Jan, Becky, Nudge et al.

    Liked by 1 person

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