Fashion Doll Friday: Mystery Barbie

Today’s Friday Girl is another mystery doll from the 180. I hoped that I would be able to identify her by her unusual earrings but so far no luck and as I wanted to get this post out I’m throwing it open to our readers. Anyone recognise her?

I can tell you that she has a twist waist and is marked made in China so I’m guessing that she is a mid 90s doll. Her hair is long and straight but may have been restyled as it is fastened with a scrunchie . She has the usual added embellishments. Sadly when I picked her up to dust her I found that her neck knob is broken. That has been the case with a few of these dolls and I am going to have to decide whether I can attempt to fix them as there is nothing to attach the head to. I believe Shelley of “A Thousand Splendid Dolls” has a tutorial on this so will have to check.

I don’t know if her outfit is original either but it is a good fit. The pants are that plastic fabric and it has started to wear off at the back but luckily it doesn’t show under her jacket.


  1. They are unusual earrings, but I couldn’t find anything to match online. So many Barbie dolls have their hair partially covering their earrings.

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