Fashion Doll Friday: Pearl Beach Teresa 1998

Today’s Friday Girl is another 90s doll with a twist waist. I’ve looked at photos of Teresa dolls from that era and my best guess is that she is Pearl Beach Teresa. She is marked “Made in Indonesia” and her long hair is one of the main reasons that I think she is a beach doll. I spent some time looking for a doll with the right colour eyes and the right number of eyelashes so I am fairly confident I got it right.

I have washed and conditioned Teresa’s hair and it came out quite well. I also redressed her as although I thought her shorts and top were very cute the shorts are a bit loose at the waist. I think they might be Fashion Fever. In the box of odd clothing, I found a bikini top that I think belongs to her. I couldn’t find the bottoms so I’ve given her a different pair and a cotton skirt to wear over it.

She might be a keeper. I always liked the old Teresa face sculpt.



  1. You have such good taste and I agree with you 100%. It’s such a shame we don’t get these dolls now. Dolls of that era were very good, whatever happened to the bending legs and no ugly joints. Used to love the core dolls,but they are not the same anymore.Money I suppose,there’s just a lack of effort by Mattel in my opinion.


    • I do like the joints for posing but I agree with you that they are unattractive. I find the dolls of today have less expression in their faces. This may be due to the way they are made. I think they do a lot of 3D printing now. Money is a factor. Any company that puts the money people in charge ends up with a drop in quality or service.


  2. I agree that the Teresa sculpt is lovely and your doll has beautiful long hair, too. I think we all appreciate the quality of the older dolls. Nice that you were able to identify her as Pearl Beach Teresa. It’s always so satisfying to be able to ID these out-of-the-box dolls.

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  3. She is a lovely doll and well done on a positive id. It is always good to know exactly which doll you have. They were much better made years ago with more posibilty.

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