Fashion Doll Friday: Bead Blast Barbie 1998?

UPDATE: I decided to wash a few dolls hair this afternoon and that was when I realised that this doll can’t be Bead Blast Barbie. She has an open mouth smile and Bead Blast has a closed mouth Mackie face. However, having said that I’ve now found photos of the 1998 version of the doll with an open mouth smile. So now I’m stumped. Is she or isn’t she?

Our Friday Girl this week is another one of The 180 mystery dolls. My best guess is that she is Bead Blast Barbie with a haircut. Originally, I thought Very Velvet Barbie but that doll has red lipstick. Bead Blast Barbie does have pink lipstick like this. I can’t think of any other Mackie faced dolls with bangs like this but if anyone else can please let me know in the comments so I can fix the post.

When I took her out of the crate, she was wearing this blue top with some black pants which I didn’t think were a very good fit as they were loose at the waist. I thought she ought to have something a bit dressier and came across this skirt which I think is a homemade. It is not tagged and sewn with straight stitching, not with an overlocker (serger) as commercially made clothing tends to be. I originally thought that it was a strapless dress until I tried it on Barbie and thought that it was a wardrobe malfunction that just wasn’t fixable. Then I realised what those white net parts were really meant to be. 🙂 Senior moment I’m afraid.

I haven’t done her hair yet; it doesn’t need much work really. She is a lovely, clean doll and one I may consider keeping.



  1. I can’t tell you who your Barbie is, but I don’t think she’s Bead Blast. Your doll seems to have a bit of an open mouth whereas BB has a closed mouth. Also, BB doesn’t have painted nails. Your doll’s arms seem to be a bit curved while BB has straight arms. Just my opinion. If you think I’m wrong, feel free to say so. 🙂
    Your Barbie is very cute with her bright pink lips and that’s a lovely gown.

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    • Hey Laurel. It’s nice to see you back. I have missed your comments and was a bit worried about what might have happened to you as you have always been a regular reader and commenter.


      • post covid crap,plus uti’s…using my hubbys lap top untill i can get mine set up with my fave stuff. My Dad has Alsheimers so glad we live less than an hour away. Glad to be catching up, even if that means the yard is a bit Jumanji right now. The rain has started a good loquat tree crop and I have wisteria on my she shed.. Lots of audio books ,two gnome hats (crocheted) and a chocolate cookie pie hat.Cat’s been chasing lizards,squirrels in the finally going to chase them out and (hope) we don’t have a bee hive there.Might have to put camera’s n attic.Glad to be busy,now. Treated myself to catching up on blogs!! God bless for asking!

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      • I’m sorry to hear that you have had Covid. Naomi and I had it back in November after avoiding it for years but we were lucky. It was just like a bad cold. I hope you get set up with a new computer soon. So frustrating when you don’t have all your favourite stuff.


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