The 180: Nineties Dolls

There are still many, many dolls left in the crates to be sorted, cleaned and identified. I have sorted them into categories like ballerinas, fairies, Disney dolls, belly button and twist waist dolls. Today I thought that I would share a few more of the twist waist dolls. These dolls are all from the 1990s.

Happenin Hair Barbie 1998

It turned out that there were two Happenin’ Hair Barbies in the crate. The one that I recently featured on Fashion Doll Friday is the better one of the two. The other one has very swingy legs and her fringe was a bit frizzy so I gave it a quick boil wash to try to improve it. I decided to do her hair a bit differently from her twin sister. I found her some exercise gear from the box of loose clothing. Her hair is not quite as colourful as the other doll either.

Sparkle Beach Barbie

I was able to ID this Barbie because she still had her original jewellery.

Pretty in Plaid Barbie 1998

I’ve shown you one of these already as well as my own. Here are two more. She was a popular doll, I think. The brunette is wearing a Pretty in Plaid dress but it is not the right one. It’s from the AA version of the doll. The other doll I dressed in this yellow print dress from the loose clothing box. I have two or three of this dress but I am not sure what doll it came from.



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