Fashion Doll Friday: Hula Hair Teresa 1996 (Head only)

Our Friday Girl this week is another of the rescued dolls from The 180. I thought that I had a complete doll but it turns out that she is a Frankendolly. It is definitely the head of Hula Hair Teresa but her original articulated body is gone. I can’t remember now if I found her headless in the crate and just assumed the TNT body that was also there was hers or whether she was actually rebodied on to it. In any case it is wrong. Below you can watch a video review of Hula Hair Teresa and Barbie.

I have washed Teresa’s hair once but it still needs some work. Her fringe is still a bit frizzy. Now that I’ve seen how her hair was styled, I may try to recreate the plait.

The body that she is on is broken. Quite a few of these dolls have broken necks and their heads had been pushed or in a couple of cases glued back on to their bodies. I managed to get the neck knob out of her head and I was considering trying to glue the broken piece of neck back in place. However, now that I know this is not the correct body for this doll, I don’t think I will. I don’t think I have an articulated body that will match her skin tone at the moment though.

I thought I would share her photo today because of her amazing hair. Multicoloured hair is not my thing as you know but this is quite spectacular. Also you know I am a fan of the Teresa face sculpt.

A lot of the dolls from the 180 collection will be sold next year. Their original owner has no room to take any of them back. We can’t keep them all either, we just don’t have the room so we will keep some that we like and sell the others either via eBay or Facebook. I am still going through them but the Disney dolls, princesses, fairies and ballet dolls are mostly sorted out and photographed so they will be amongst the first to go. Neither of us collect this type of doll and as you know there are some interesting ones. I hope that if I offer them through the doll groups, they may end up in the hands of collectors who will enjoy them. I’d love to offer them through this blog but I am afraid that postage outside of Australia would be cost prohibitive for most of you. I am thinking of just selling Teresa’s head as she is on the wrong body anyway.

Lastly, just in case I don’t get a chance to post anything for Christmas I want to wish you all the best for the holiday season. I hope you are all safe, well and happy. I am working on a couple of posts and will try and have these out between now and the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone from Naomi and myself.



  1. Hi, Love your posts and thank you for doing this. I will be keeping an eye on your sale next year for sure. So a very Merry Christmas to you both there in beautiful Tasmania, stay safe and well! Cheers, Sharon from Victor Harbor SA.

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    • Hi Sharon I’m glad you enjoy them. When the dolls do go on sale I’ll probably mention it here. If you see a post about one you like feel free to get in touch. Posting to SA is no problem at all. We need to work out what to ask for them. As you know most are in played with condition so they won’t be super expensive. How are things in Victor Harbour? We loved going down there on the train when we were young. I believe it is very built up now compared to the way it used to be. Even in the 90s if we drove to Victor Harbour on a fine winters day it was almost impossible to get a park.


  2. I have the Hula Hair Barbie, but had never seen the Teresa version. I love that blue & purple hair!
    We are in the midst of a major winter snow & rain storm here so I’d rather be celebrating Christmas in Australia. Merry Christmas to you and Naomi!

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