Fashion Doll Friday: Blonde Bombshells

For the last Fashion Doll Friday of the year I decided to feature our Fashion Shoot team in some of my favourite photos.

We’ve seen a lot of Vivienne, Becky, Jan and Midge. More recently Myrtle has joined the team. The girls will all be back in 2023 with more Round the World fashions and much more.


  1. Looking forward to seeing more fashion shows in the new year. The fashion shoot team are all beautiful bobbed haired dolls. although they are all blonde with a bob hairstyle, they all look different. Happy New Year Vanda, Naomi, your pets and all the readers of this blog xxx

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  2. I’m in hospice for end of life care and don’t expect to live much longer. Let me tell you what a wonderful inspiration your blog has been to me. I’m sorry for your negative feedback. Just know I love your blog! A happy new year 🥳 to you, Naomi, Polly, and all the rest!

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