Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Eight


After Saturday’s fashion shoot Vivienne spent some time looking for the missing dress. It was a valuable garment and she was still worrying about it later that evening at home. “I just don’t know how the dress could have been taken out of the bag without Becky or I noticing.” she fretted. “Don’t worry darling.” Julia consoled her. “I am sure it will turn up.”

*Note: Julia and Vivienne share a house in Manly.

Later that evening Vivienne was surprised to receive a visit from Midge. ” I have been thinking about that dress that went missing.” Midge told her. “I felt sure I’d photographed it at some stage so I went through my archive. This is it isn’t it?” she handed Vivienne a couple of photographs of Becky.

“It was our first Mystery Dress” Midge explained. “From the very first photo shoot we did.”

“Yes,” said Vivienne excitedly. “That’s it and it proves that we did have it. But where is it now?”

Julia came over to look at the photos. “OH, so that’s the dress you were talking about.” she said. “I can tell you exactly where it is. It’s in my wardrobe.”

“What!” exclaimed Vivienne. “It’s been here all the time?”

“Just a week or two.” Julia explained. “I saw it when I was at that photo shoot modelling recently and I thought it would be just the thing to wear to a rather posh party I had been invited to. I meant to tell you but I must have forgotten.”

Vivienne didn’t know whether to be happy that the dress was safe or annoyed with Julia for taking it. In the end she decided not to pursue it and thanked Midge for solving the mystery.


Another photo shoot had been arranged for Sunday as Myrtle had a full schedule and didn’t know when she’d be free to be Showrunner again after that. Becky was still away so Vivienne went to the warehouse to look after the dresses. Julia decided to tag along, probably to look for more additions to her wardrobe. Myrtle and Midge arrived and the girls went inside to find Christmas decorations everywhere.

“Oh! it looks like Georgie is getting the props ready for our Christmas Parade.” said Vivienne. “I hope they won’t be in the way.”

“Don’t worry about it. I can work with them Midge told her.”

Vivienne explains what happened to the missing dress.

“It’s just three dresses today,” Vivienne explained after filling Myrtle in on the whereabouts of the German dress. “They are from England, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

  • Julia – Model Muse body
  • Snow White – TNT body
  • Marilyn – Action Girl head/TNT body

The Fashions:

One of Myrtle’s models had called in sick at the last minute and while she discussed the situation with Vivienne the other two models went to get ready. Marilyn was struggling with the pink suit she was meant to be wearing. “I can’t possibly wear this.” she stormed. “The dress won’t do up properly at the back and the jacket won’t do up at the front.” Julia swooped in. “Give it to me darling. I know it will fit me. You wear that lovely Irish dress.”


Julia was right. The outfit fitted her very well, perhaps just a touch wide across her shoulders. The dress was styled to look like a top and skirt. The jacket did up with a tiny pearl button and while it was a good fit, she did have a hard time doing up that tiny button. (and so did I).


Snow White was soon ready to be photographed. Unlike Marilyn she had no problems with her two-piece outfit. It fitted her very well.


Marilyn put on the Irish gown and with a little help from Myrtle was finally ready. She complained that the dress was very snug but she was able to do it up.

Soon it was time for the group shots and Midge agreed to be in one for a change.

The Models
The group shot

While the Myrtle was helping the models with their clothes Vivienne snapped a few photos of Midge on her phone. Midge was thinking about how she was going to set up the props and didn’t notice until the she’d nearly finished.

I hope you enjoyed this long post. I’ll do another as soon as I can. They take rather a long time to set up but I do have some other posts I’m working on as well. By the way the Christmas decorations are some of our own decorations. They are coming down in a couple of days so I thought I’d borrow them for this shoot before we put them away.



  1. Very amusing! The girls have lots of personality. I especially like the photos of Midge checking out the props. She looks very realistic.
    On my screen the skirt of the Scottish outfit looks like a fuchsia colour. Is that right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your stories. It’s funny how you can get annoyed with a character played by a doll, but you are doing a great job with Julia. Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

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