Fashion Doll Friday: Simba Steffi Love

Our Friday Girl this week is another Steffi Love. I had been saving her for a post on clone dolls from The 180 but really, I don’t think of Steffi as a clone. Simba have their own line of dolls and while most of the play ideas are similar to Barbie and other fashion dolls, they are not really copying the dolls. To me a clone is a knock off of a well-known doll but Simba dolls don’t resemble Barbie and they are very popular in Europe.

I don’t know which Steffi this is. I tried to ID her by her pink earrings but no luck so far. Her outfit is a hand knitted dress and cardigan from the box of clothing. I don’t think they were a set but they do go well together.



  1. No I agree with you,Steffi-love is not a clone.Yes alot of her fashion and shoes even fit both,but she is what she is no pretence. In many ways steffi can be better than the barb.Steffi reminds me of Sindy when hasbro and Vivid did her very well I think. Steffi is huge in Germany, I have even seen specials in Woolworths there and other department stores, whatever happened to those here?.


  2. The earrings are in the Mega Fashion Playset. I don’t know if they appear on any of the other dolls. It looks like it might be the same Steffi doll. The playset is on Amazon, so maybe you will find some of the other items in the box of 180.


  3. I agree, Steffi is a doll in her own right, not a clone. She is a pretty doll and the pink outfit suits her. I have three Steffi dolls in my collection, two look like yours and the other has a slightly different face.

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  4. Hi again,
    Steffi can be found in a variety of places just to let you know. Amazon of course, in the UK we have a toy shop called The entertainer, good proper toy shops .A good variety of steffi doll’s and you can order online from them if you don’t have a shop nearby. And as we said she is very big all around Europe. Germany being best,and don’t forget eBay also, so look out for our popular fashion girl.

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    • I’m pretty sure Amazon Australia does have Steffi and eBay of course. I have a couple. They do often turn up in charity shops. Simba’s Kevin is also a very well made doll.


  5. Sorry! Behind on my doll blog reading! I enjoy the Simba Doll line very much! The make up isn’t too dramatic/heavy and just as posable. Prices aren’t bad especially in stores here. I will take them new or used it is a good addition to my collection! Always glad to see any in your collection or other people’s. Thanks for sharing with us!

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