Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Nine

Photography Notes: As some of these fashions represent countries that we have visited I have included some of our own photos for this post. The Australian and New Zealand photos are mine. The Tahiti ones were taken by Naomi on her recent cruise holiday from Hawaii to Sydney. Aren’t they stunning?

The Fiji backdrops are stock photos from Adobe Photo Elements. I was also playing around with a few other features of the editing program. The dolls were all photographed in the white cube I bought some years ago but rarely use because I wasn’t happy with the lighting in it.


Jan and Midge were already waiting when Becky arrived at the Cruikshank’s warehouse early on Saturday morning.

“I’m so excited to be back.” Jan told her. “Vivienne said there are five dresses to be photographed today. They are all from countries in the Pacific region she told me.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Becky replied “I’m happy to come back tomorrow if we don’t get them all done today though.”

“I asked the models to be here no later than nine.” Jan told her.” That gives Midge nearly an hour to set up. I’m sure we can get them all done today.”

The models duly arrived and Jan began allocating dresses to each of them.

“Only four models for five dresses Jan? “commented Becky quizzically.

“I’m going to wear one myself.” replied Jan “But which one? They are all gorgeous. I think I like Tahiti and New Zealand best though.”

Unfortunately, Jan did not get her wish as all the models struggled to find a dress that fit them well. The next forty-five minutes both Jan and Becky were kept busy fitting the dresses onto each model. Jan was left with the Australia dress as she was the only one who it would fit. Red is her favourite colour so she didn’t mind too much.

The Magazines:

It was a beautiful sunny day and Jan would have loved to have taken the shoot outside but Becky shook her head when she asked. “You know how Vivienne feels about that and after the business with the missing dress she worries about things being lost or damaged even more.” Becky said.

“Never mind Jan. I have a couple of ideas I’m going to try out when I process the pictures later and I have brought a tropical looking backdrop as well as the plain one.” Midge consoled her.

The Team:

The Models:

  • Lea – belly button body
  • Lea – belly button body beach feet
  • Teresa – belly button body beach feet
  • Kira – TNT body
  • Jan – Model Muse body

The Fashions:


After a couple of dress changes and trying to work out how the dress was meant to be worn Kira was ready to be photographed. It was only when Becky pointed out that the dress was meant to be fastened at the front that Kira was able to do it up.


Jan had invited both of the Lea’s who had modelled before to come back and to avoid confusion they were dubbed Lea one and Lea two for the day. Lea One was the fortunate recipient of the Tahiti dress that Jan admired. Apart from being a bit snug across the back and a bit snug at the hips it was a good fit. Lea loved the colour although she did make the mistake of putting the headdress on upside down which nobody noticed in the general mayhem of getting ready.


Teresa was the model for the Samoa dress and apart from trying to wrap the very long scarf and discovering that the overskirt had a snap missing she didn’t have any major problems with the fit of the dress.

New Zealand:

Lea Two ended up with the New Zealand dress, the other one that Jan especially liked. The dress was a good fit, a tiny bit snug at the back but she could do it up. Lea said that the dress made her feel like a princess and that she ought to have a tiara as well.


Jan spent so long helping the girls with their clothes that it was quite late by the time Midge photographed her. However, Jan is a professional and it only needed a couple of takes for Midge to get what she wanted.

It was time for the group photos and Jan was very happy to have completed the photo shoot in one day even if it was rather a long one. The girls all loved the dresses as they were so cool and colourful.

Group Photo

Naturally, after the models had left Jan had to try on that Tahiti dress.



  1. Beautiful dresses for beautiful models. The photos are stunning. My favourite is Jan in front of Sydney Opera House, it looks like she is really there. At least she won’t get in trouble with Vivienne for going outside.

    Liked by 1 person

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