Fashion Doll Friday: Mystery Belly Button Barbie

I’ve been meaning to feature this doll for a while because I think she is quite attractive. I don’t know who she is though, and I do usually prefer to feature dolls that I can ID.

She has reddish hair and green eyes and has the earlier belly button body like the original Fashion Fever dolls. As she is from the 180, she has been in storage and is a bit dusty although I gave her a bit of a wipe before photographing her. She has a couple of embellishments on her neck and arm which I haven’t tried to remove as yet. She has a few chews on her fingers too so she was obviously well played with at one time. Her orange jumpsuit appears to be homemade but is a good fit. I think she looks quite summery. She probably is a Summer come to think of it.



  1. She is a stunner with the reddish hair and green eyes. The orange jumpsuit really suits her colouring. Dolly Parton’s song Jolene comes to mind.

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