Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Clone

I am sorry for the late posting today. I usually do my Fashion Doll Friday photos on Friday morning our time now but today I was also photographing Around The World Part Ten and that took quite a while. Look out for that post in the next few days, depending on how long the editing takes.

Our Friday Girl today is a Barbie clone who is marked “made in China” and “No. 9” I don’t think I have much chance of doing an ID from that. She is quite a nice doll with a twist waist and her face is rather pretty. She looks a lot like a 90s Barbie so this doll I do consider a clone.

I quite like her outfit too. It probably wasn’t original to her. The top looks like a Barbie top but has had the rose sewn to it. I think that Naomi’s friend did a good job of matching the colours in this outfit and her hair is so nicely braided I’m not touching it.

I just opened a crate that is full of non-Barbie dolls, so there will be another clone post in the near future. By the way I do have better quality photos of this doll. My image resizer made these a bit too small but I was already late so decided to post them anyway. There will be better ones in the clone post to come.



  1. An excellent clone! At first glance I thought she was a Mattel Barbie. She is in pristine condition and the hairstyle with a twist is wonderful.

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  2. She does look a lot like Barbie. It ‘s the Made in China which gives her away as a clone. Barbie would have Mattel Inc written somewhere on the body. She is a pretty doll, lovely outfit and fabulous hair.

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