Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Ten


Becky was the first to arrive at the warehouse on Saturday morning, closely followed by Midge with her camera equipment. The four girls who would be modelling arrived soon after and Becky gathered them all around to do the introductions.

“We have a guest Showrunner today.” she announced. “I’d like you all to meet Elsa Lindstrom who is a fashion designer and former model. Vivenne asked her to run the shoot today because the dresses being modelled are all from Scandinavian designers. Elsa will be modelling one of the dresses herself.”

“Next we have Verity Jensen who works for Davros Industries, one of the Cruikshank Foundation sponsors. Our two staff members taking part this week are Jen and Emma. Midge Atkins is our hard-working photographer.”

Elsa stepped forward to greet everyone and held up each dress. “Jen, I think you would look lovely in this green and gold dress from Finland; and Emma you can wear this cream one by the Icelandic designer. It will suit your colouring, I think. Verity, Denmark or Sweden?”

“I have Danish ancestry so may I have that one please?”

“That’s fine.” laughed Elsa. “Mine is Swedish.”

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

  • Elsa – TNT body articulated arms and legs (Hollywood Nails Barbie)
  • Verity – TNT body (Princess of the Danish Court)
  • Jen – belly button body
  • Emma – Tall Fashionista

The Fashions:


Jen, who was modelling for the first time was ready first. As Elsa had said, the green and gold outfit really suited her but she had a problem which she confessed to Becky after being photographed.

“I am so sorry. I think I have torn the waistband of this skirt trying to get it over my hips.” she apologised.

Becky shook her head. “If you have a problem with your dress, you must tell me or the Showrunner before you put it on. These dresses are valuable and we can’t risk them being damaged. ” She looked at the offending waistband. “This can be mended so no real harm done but please be more careful in future.”

Jen was very upset; she had so wanted to wear the outfit and she had been sure it would fit her as the waist was elastic. She was relieved that Becky didn’t yell at her.


Emma was very careful with her outfit. She had modelled on a previous occasion and remembered Vivienne’s instructions and called for help when she had a problem.

“I don’t know if this dress is going to stay on me.” she told Elsa who had come to help her. “I’d be so embarrassed if anything popped out.”

“I have had that happen to me.” Elsa confessed “But this should help.” she pulled some tape from her bag and secured the dress. “Now we cover your shoulders with the wrap and your modesty is safe.” she continued, smiling at the excited teenager. “You look beautiful.”


Verity was the next one to experience a problem with her outfit. “I just can’t get this dress over my hips I’m afraid.” she told Becky and Elsa sadly handing back the pink gown. “Someone else will have to wear it.”

“Well, why don’t you wear the Swedish dress and I will wear the Danish one? ” Elsa suggested.

Verity thought that would work and was able to get the Danish dress on although it was still a bit snug at the back. She was unable to do up the matching coat but Elsa told her not to worry about it.


Having sorted out everyone’s problems Elsa went to put on the pink princess gown. It was a little snug at the back on her but she had no problem getting it over her hips.

“I should have put my hair up.” she commented. “It is so flyaway.” Rummaging in her bag she found some clips to secure it while she got into the dress and tied on the headband.

Midge had taken the group shots of the girls in their street clothes earlier as she needed to get away early that day. She quickly arranged everyone for the final shots of the dresses and then they were done.
“Thank you for having me. I had a wonderful time.” Elsa told Becky as they packed up.

Becky thanked Elsa for doing such a professional job and hoped that she would be free to join them one more time before the end.

We are getting close to the end now. I think there will probably be three or maybe four more shoots left to do. I do want to try and identify the remaining mystery outfits if I can. I wonder what Barbies some of these dresses were designed to fit as recently I’ve had trouble fitting them on to both belly button and TNT dolls. The Model Muse dolls can wear most of them although they are never used in the illustrations.



  1. Beautiful dolls, beautiful dresses, and another fun fashion shoot story. It sounds like many of the outfit problems relate to the hips being too big – just like real women. πŸ™‚
    If you know the year the magazines came out and could find some of the Barbie dolls that were produced that year, maybe that would solve the fitting problem. Just a thought.
    And I like the way the girls are posed in their street clothes. It’s a very nice shot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As I had two articulated dolls as part of the group I thought it would be fun to do something different. I could use dolls that the fashions fit exactly. I certainly have some but I think it is interesting to compare the different sizes over the years. As far as I can make out Mattel released two versions of this series and even in that time the measurements of the dolls changed .


  2. Lovely dresses. The embellishment on them is really nice, much more detailed than in most of this type of dress. Congratulations on identifying them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am lucky that most of the sets were complete with magazine but I have a few that are loose and will try to identify those with the help of eBay. I did find one this afternoon completely by luck.


  3. Lovely dolls wearing beautiful dresses. We can all relate to things not fitting properly, especially over the hips! I agree with Elizabeth, the shot of the girls in their street clothes is great. I did a similar shot at Christmas with guys and girls in Christmas jumpers for Christmas jumper day here in the UK.

    Liked by 1 person

      • The Christmas jumpers I have were outfits for the Elves behaving badly and Elf on the shelf. I have also got Santa, Reindeer and snowman costumes, pyjamas and dressing gowns. They are not the easiest to dress the dolls in ( fingers sticking through) but can fit Barbie and Ken dolls. Jenjoy did a post about it which gave me the idea. They were not too expensive either at Β£3 each.

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  4. Lovely dolls wearing beautiful dresses. We can all relate to things not fitting properly, especially over the hips! I agree with Elizabeth, the shot of the giris in their high street clothes is great.


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