Fashion Doll Friday Hasbro Viacom Sabrina the Teenage Witch 1997

Our Friday Girl today had been a bit of a mystery to me for a while. She came with The 180 and originally, I thought that she might be Kenner’s Bionic Woman but although the face was similar the body was wrong. Today while searching for a matching photo I came across an eBay item, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She has a “magnetic twirling hand”.

She is rather a nice doll with a wide smile, which is very like the Kenner dolls and two-tone hair. I think that Hasbro bought out Kenner.

I let her keep the clips that she had been given but washed and conditioned her hair which was stiff with hairspray. As I couldn’t find shoes to match the Barbie dress that she was wearing I let her keep the shoes she had on and changed her outfit instead. I did this when I still thought she was the Bionic Woman so I thought the leotard would show off her poses. I’ll find her something else later.

I do have some more photos but I’m saving them for a post on Celebrity Dolls coming soon.



  1. She does have a similar face to the bionic woman doll but as you say the body is different. I had the bionic woman doll as a child and have one in my collection now. She has bionics in her legs and arms and the bionic arm has a skincovering. She also has huge feet like action man’s. I have often seen Sabrina on eBay .

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