Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel/Disney High School Musical Gabriella c2008

This week’s Friday Girl is High School Musical Gabriella. I think that she is the one from HSM3 as her hair is parted on the opposite side to the others as far as I can tell from the pictures I found online.

Gabriella Montez was one of the main characters from the High School Musical series of films. I didn’t watch any of the films myself but I do remember the dolls coming out. They were in all the shops at the height of the HSM craze.

Gabriella is a smaller doll with a petite body like Teen Skipper. I know that there were a lot of these dolls, several for every movie, even a singing one. Hard to believe that was all over fifteen years ago.

She is in nice condition and doesn’t really need much work. I may wash her hair later as she has been in storage. I think that her outfit is probably Fashion Fever. It fits her well but the skirt seems just a little loose.


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