Fashion Doll Friday:DDI Katie

Our Friday Girl this week belongs to Naomi and has never been de-boxed. I don’t know a lot about her. The box is marked DDI and she is made in China but I am not familiar with this company. As you can see she comes with a set of false nails and stickers to play with and was released with three different dress colours.

I think that she looks a little bit like Steffi Love. Her strawberry blonde hair is crimped. If anyone knows a bit more about these dolls please let us know in the comments.



  1. Hi again,
    I have to agree these dolls are from the early 90s and are Steffi-love design. They really are nice dolls as they were at that time. Very Sindy looking face in the Hasbro era.Nice bending legs which are so difficult to get now.What a find ,these are really nice dolls. You have done well my friend, Well done.

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  2. She does look a lot like Steffi Love and a bit like Hasbro Sindy. I have never seen these dolls before. Her strawberry blonde hair is a nice change from normal blonde.

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  3. A cute doll and a cute basic dress. Good that she’s been left NRFB so that the box can also be appreciated. I agree that the hair colour is a nice change from the usual blonde.

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