Fashion Doll Friday: Galoob/21st Century Fox Princess Anastasia 1997

Our Friday Girl this week is another doll by Galoob. I thought she looked rather Disney like when I picked her up so I was quite surprised to find that she was not a Disney doll. She was marketed by Fox and is based on their animated movie about Anastasia Romanov, daughter of Czar Nicholas of Russia. The story of course bears no relation to what happened to the real Anastasia who was tragically murdered with the rest of her family in 1917.

This doll has articulated arms and legs that click at the knees. She also has articulation in her upper body. It looks to me as if her hair may have been cut and she has a thumb missing although her previous owner has disguised this a bit by repainting her nails.

I didn’t have any suitable shoes for Anastasia who has flat feet but I will try to find her some purple flats to go with her new dress. She had some crazy hair going on when I unpacked her but after seeing photos of the doll online I decided to give her a ponytail.

Several versions of Anastasia were made from the movie. I think that this one is the first one shown in the video below.



  1. I thought the doll was interesting. I like that she is based on a movie character, but I didn’t think she was aDisney doll. I would have liked to see some shoes for her though.


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