Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Disney Snow White c2006

Today’s Friday Girl came from a box full of non-Mattel and Disney dolls. I thought that she would be easy to ID but there are a lot of Snow White dolls with similar faces and similar dresses. Initially I thought that she was a Simba Snow White but she had a gold tiara instead of a red hair ribbon and the bodice of the dress was different.

A bit more searching found one that looked the same and she was listed as Mattel made in Indonesia circa 2006. I looked under Snow’s dress and it was a match. I know, I should have done that first. I’d only seen the Disney mark on her neck.

I also found a blog post by Filmic Light on Blogger who showed a set of Ulimate Disney Princesses released for Target in 2009. This set has the same Snow White, probably a rerelease.

Snow White is in pretty good condition. Her hair is still in its (very stiff) factory set with the tiara still attached. The only thing she was missing was her shoes. I loaned her a pair from some outfits I was un-boxing by Anko.

There are a lot more Disney dolls in this crate so expect to see a few more in the near future.



  1. It’s interesting to see the different versions of Snow White – and the other Disney princesses. Nice that this one came with her original outfit.

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