The Doll Detectives: A Big Berjusa Toddler

I recently received an email from Reader Eileen who inherited this Berjusa doll from her aunt. We know she is a Berjusa as she is still in her box with the label. However, neither Eileen nor I have been able to find a similar one online.

Eileen does not want to sell her doll, she just wants to find out a bit more about her such as when she was made and if there are others like her. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of 20 inch Berjusa dolls but nothing larger.

My best guess is that she was made in the 1980s or very early 90s as the company name changed to Berenguer in the early 90s.

Since the 1950s the Berenguer family of Spain has been sculpting dolls from their hometown of Castalla, Spain. Up until the early 1990s these dolls were known as Berjusa dolls.

Since then the company name has changed but the doll collection, now known as Dolls by Berenguer, is still designed by the Berenguer family.

Here are the photos Eileen sent me. They are small so I can’t blow them up any more without making them too blurry. If anyone has seen any other 30″ Berjusa dolls or knows anything about them please comment below.


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