180 New Dolls: Send In The Clones Part Two

I’ve spent the past couple of days cleaning up another batch of clone dolls. They are always interesting. This week we have two unmarked dolls made by the same company, a doll marked “China” and a Frankendolly.

I cleaned the dolls yesterday and today I did their hair and redressed them all. This time I did remember to take “before” pictures so let’s begin.

Our first two dolls have very slender bodies and pale complexions. They have the same strawberry blonde hair but styled differently. There was not much wrong with them so I just washed and conditioned their hair. I only slightly changed their outfits as I thought they were quite cute. If I get a doll wearing what I think is a Fashion Fever piece I take it off and put it aside for my own use. I’ll show some of them later.

Our next doll has a vinyl body similar to TNT Barbie but with the waist joint on a slant. She was marked China on her back. She doesn’t seem to have much of a neck but it doesn’t seem damaged so as far as I can tell she is on her correct body. She had messy hair but no other problems really. I thought she would look nice in red so she got this untagged skirt with a top from one of the other dolls a homemade (not by me) jacket and cowboy boots. I still have to settle her hair down a bit more. I have it pinned in place at present.

Last of all is our Frankendolly. I recognised her face as being Lucky Industries but her body is a Barbie TNT body. In a previous clone post I had a doll with a Barbie head and Lucky Industries body. I’m thinking that I should try to find that doll and do a swap if I can manage it without breaking them. This doll’s face was absolutely filthy. I scrubbed and scrubbed and even used bi-carb soda to get it clean. Her hair was a bit messy but not awful. I didn’t really like the white dress on her so I gave her this blue and pink one which is either homemade or generic, I think.

There are still several more clone dolls to come so expect another clone post sometime in the future.



  1. Always interesting to see the clone dolls. I didn’t remember hearing about the Lucky Industries dolls, although when I did a little searching I found you had made a previous post about them in 2016. What a pretty face and you did a great job of cleaning and redressing her. All the clone dolls have benefitted from your care. The red & white outfit is so cute.

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  2. Clones are always very interesting, some can be prettier than the genuine ones. As always you have done a great job on them all and some good outfits too.

    Liked by 1 person

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