Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Disney Secret Hero Mulan 1997

Our Friday Girl this week is another of the Disney dolls from the 180. She is Secret Hero Mulan. This doll has articulation at elbows and knees. Her body appears to be the same one used for Gymnast Barbie as she has the twist waist and flat feet.

Mulan still has most of her original outfit except for the red print skirt, that’s probably not the right term for it, and her shoes. I might be able to find something similar for her. Her props, a sword and I think it is a staff of some kind, are also missing.

It looks as if the doll originally had a long plait or ponytail hairstyle. This one has been given an elaborate hairstyle by her previous owner and although I would like to tidy it up I rather like it and I don’t think I could recreate it myself so I am leaving it for now. Her lips need to be repainted, I may ask Naomi to do that as she has a neater hand.

I have to say that I quite like this Mulan. She has an interesting face. She is not as “cartoony” looking as some of the other Disney Princesses.


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