Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Disney Ballerina Princess Belle 2009

Today’s Friday Girl is Ballerina Princess Belle. She is one of the many Disney dolls in the 180. This version of Belle was one of a series of Ballerina Princesses. Some of them were released in box sets.

Belle was in pretty good shape and just needed a light clean. As you can see, she has a moulded-on bodysuit and ballet shoes. She still has her tutu but not her other accessories. Her only articulation is arms, legs and neck. That’s a bit of a pity for a ballet doll. I think she has quite a pretty face and I like her hair colour. I always feel that moulded on shoes and clothing limits the play possibilities though.



  1. Belle has a pretty face and lovely hair, but it is strange that there’s no articulation. However, Mattel does have a weird way of presenting some of the athletic Barbie dolls (soccer player, rhythmic gymnast, boxer, etc.) without appropriate articualtion.

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  2. Belle has lovely green eyes. It is a shame most of her outfit is molded on. You would think a ballerina would have more articulation. Remember Active Sindy! She is still a pretty doll though.

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