Fashion Doll Friday: Send in the vintage clones

WordPress is playing up today, not allowing me to format blocks properly so I decided to do something different and feature some vintage clone dolls owned by Naomi and one by me. Be sure to click on the gallery to see larger images.

The blonde and brunette bubble cut girls belong to Naomi. They are made by Linda regd.

The brunette with straight hair who also belongs to Naomi is Liza Jane. I couldn’t find out much about her except that she was made in Hong Kong and manufacturer was listed as EFS.

The blonde in the floral dress we haven’t definitely identified.

All these dolls are Sindy/Tammy clones and all were made in Hong Kong in the early 1960s

Next, we have a Skipper clone. She is a nice one with rooted eyelashes. We think she might have been made by Davtex.

The Barbie/Bild Lily clone is marked with a U on her back. I thought that she might be Suzette by Davtex.

The Barbie clone in the blue dress has an R on her back. She has a twist waist. So far we haven’t worked out who she is.

I bought the Barbie clone in the wedding dress at the Hobart Doll Show one year. The stall holder told me that this was her original outfit.



  1. Clones are sometimes better than the real thing. You have some great clones here. The bride could easily be mistaken for a real Barbie. It is always interesting trying to find out more information about them.

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  2. I agree that these are all great dolls. My first Barbie doll as a young child was a clone that was dressed in a wardrobe my mom sewed so I have a soft spot for clones. They are charming dolls when given nice outfits.

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  3. The bride is lovely, I will be displaying my Barbie Brides in July for my anniversary. I can never have enough. white dresses and tuxes. My first bride doll looked something like yours. My daughters was a brunette Club Wedd Barbie. I have a blonde version.

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