Fashion Doll Friday: Funtime Sindy Fashion Shoot

Today’s Friday Girl is (I think) a Funtime Sindy from about 1974. We haven’t featured Sindy on Fashion Doll Friday in such a long time. There is something about the faces of the original Pedigree Sindy’s that I just love. Although the mainstay of my Sindy collection is the pre 1966 dolls I have become quite fond of my small collection of seventies and eighties dolls. I especially like these auburn-haired ones.

Sindy’s Outfits:

Sindy has been wearing her yellow sweater and white pants for some time. They are perfect for riding her scooter. However, sometimes she likes to wear a skirt. I bought this yellow one for her which I think is genuine Sindy but I didn’t have another top for her. Rather than have her look like a banana I added the striped cardigan. It was bought from an eBay seller and made to fit Barbie Basics so the sleeves are bit long but that’s OK. Her blue “leather” mini skirt is Barbie, from the Fashion Avenue era, late 90s and actually fits her quite well.

The Props:

The drum kit, in case you were wondering, is something Naomi bought from the Op Shop. I think it might be Bratz, as is the bar which we often use as a prop. The red armchair is a Sindy one. I think Marx made these; we have several. Naomi has red ones and I have white ones. We have a couple of the blue rockers as well.



  1. Sindy is beautiful with her auburn hair. Most of my Sindy dolls are 1970s and 1980s. I also have two 1960s dolls. Your Sindy looks great in yellow. Her jumper is from a 1980s outfit called jumper and shorts. The shorts were blue.

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