Fashion Doll Friday: My Scene Hanging Out Hudson 2003

Hello and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it and also to those of you celebrating Passover or Ramadan. Naomi and I are not at all religious but we do enjoy a hot cross bun on Good Friday and we will be eating fish for dinner more because of family tradition than any other reason. We are also very partial to chocolate.

So, our Friday Guy this week has come from the 180. He is a My Scene doll and I believe after looking at some pictures that he is Hanging Out Hudson.

He is articulated at neck, waist, elbows and knees much like the articulated Ken’s of that period. I think that Mattel used a standard articulated Ken body with a larger head.

Hudson has very nice blue eyes and blonde hair. Unfortunately, he has suffered a haircut, perhaps someone was trying to give him a mullet. Luckily it doesn’t show too much. His outfit is a Ken outfit from the late 90s or early 2000’s. The shirt is a bit faded and Hudson seems to prefer the top button undone.



  1. It looks like Hudson would like a career in modelling. The photos are great. It’s not easy to photograph with a mirror. Once when I tried my fingers and the camera could be seen behind the doll ‘s head.


    • I had to be very careful to stand away from it and to move all the bathroom items out of view as well but it did improve the lighting so I didn’t have to use flash.


  2. Probably my favorite my scene guy. He looks like my eldest grand son who just turned 15. typical looking beach bum/surfer dude. My guy getting taller than his dad, so the taller height on the doll is fun.

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