Fashion Doll Friday: Hasbro One Direction Singing Niall Horan 2013

Our Friday Guy this week is sort of a rerun. Naomi already had a One Direction Singing Niall doll and we have featured him on Fashion Doll Friday in the past. You can see that post here. Last week she was at the Don River Railway on Sunday and popped into the Don Market which is across the road. She found a boxed Niall at a very good price and brought him home so I thought that today I’d share him so you can see how he originally looked.

He is an articulated doll and stands slightly shorter than Ken. Niall is in working order and still sings although we haven’t deboxed him yet. Naomi says she may customise him later.

Her original Niall is now known as Kruze. This is him. He is a nicely made doll and fun to redress.



  1. Niall is a handsome doll and a good find. I have a Louis Tomlinson doll from One Direction. He doesn’t sing though and is not very articulated. I found him in a charity shop for £2. I had no idea who he was until I researched him.

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