Fashion Doll Friday: My Scene Swappin’ Styles Kennedy c2007

Today’s Friday Girl is another of the 180 and I believe that she is Swappin Styles Kennedy with the spare head on. I don’t know a great deal about My Scene dolls though so I’m willing to be corrected.

Here is a link to a blog post about Swappin’ Styles Kennedy. You may have to turn on the translation feature as it is originally in Spanish. There are photos of the doll with both heads.

I haven’t cleaned this doll yet or done her hair. I’ve just given her face a wash as she is a bit dusty. She has lost her earrings. Her head is just marked Mattel 2003. Her hair is fastened with a pink scrunchie which matches the trim on her dress so I will leave it for now. Later I might do a post to show all the My Scene dolls in the crate. Her dress is not tagged but I think it is probably a Barbie/My Scene dress. LMK if you recognise it. I would like to put these dolls in their own outfits if I have them as they will be sold eventually. I think that Kennedy’s previous owner may have painted her fingernails. I also wiped some glitter off her face but I think that the glitter on her eyes is supposed to be there.

I am still having a lot of trouble editing galleries, every time I try to change the order of photos the screen freezes. It’s really annoying and I must sit down with the computer and try some of the fixes the so-called Happiness Engineer suggested even though I think it is WP’s fault. I’m not doing anything differently from before.



  1. I have Kennedy and Madison My Scene dolls but their heads are not interchangeable. Mattel brought them out to compete with Bratz. Madison is known as Westley in Europe but I prefer to call mine Madison.

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