Fashion Doll Friday: Fashionista Ken “Hottie” 2009

Today’s Friday Guy is Fashionista Ken, he was known as “Hottie”. We already had one but this one came with The 180 and still has his original outfit on.

As you can see, he is articulated at knees and elbows and has rooted hair and nice blue eyes.

Ken did not require any touching up other than a dusting. His hair is still stiff with whatever product they use to do that.

He is quite a nice-looking guy. I wish they made more playline Ken’s with rooted hair. I still think it looks better.



  1. I agree that it’s nice to see a Ken with rooted hair and articulation. Plus, the hat is great! Instead of putting out multiple molded hair, unarticulated Fashionista Kens every year it would be lovely if Mattel would just put out one Ken like this “Hottie”.

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    • We love the hat too! I agree. I’d rather see fewer dolls released but with rooted hair, all over their heads not just half of it like the current fashion trend. I think it would be nice if they varied their facial sculpts like they do with the girls too.


  2. I also agree there should more rooted hair male dolls. I have a few. As you have said before, the Kens with a man bun should have rooted hair so it can be restyled if you choose. Your Ken here is definitely a Hottie!


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